Boba Fett 1313. Based on the never released game title and re-imagined in a unique Star Wars world.

Boba Fett Star wars digital original image poster

Pencil Drawing. Approx A4 image. Original Artwork available for purchase.

Sean Connery portrait drawing

Jared Leto, Joker Killing Joke 2020. This is my re-imagining of the classic 'Killing Joke' comic book image.

Jared Leto, Joker Killing Joke 2020

Heisenberg (Walter White), Jesse Pinkman and their first 'Meth' Lab. Prints Available.

Breaking Bad Original Digital Artwork

Hugh Jackman, Wolverine. Pencil Drawing.

Hugh Jackman / Wolverine drawing

Walter White from Breaking Bad. Pencil Drawing. Available for purchase.

Walter White/ Heisenberg pencil portrait

David Tennant, 10th Dr Who. Digital Drawing with Cyberman and Dalek.

10th Dr Who David Tennant digital artwork

Giraffe pencil drawing. Approx A4 image size. Available to purchase.

Giraffe drawing

Sam Elliot pencil drawing. Produced as a Commission.

Sam Elliot art portrait

Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. Available with Walter White as twin framed originals.

Jesse Pinkman portrait drawing

Steve McQueen, Bullitt. Digital Artwork in movie poster style. Original design, Art prints available for purchase.

Steve McQueen - Bullitt Digital art original poster

Keanu Reeves as John Wick. Digital Artwork.

John Wick \ Keanu Reeves

Red Drawrf - Promised Land inspired poster. Available as a Limited Edition Print.

Tawny Owl

Lion Cub, Pencil Drawing.

Lion Cub, Pencil Drawing

Commissioned Portrait pencil drawing

Portrait, Pencil Drawing commission

Lemmy, Motorhead, Ace of Spades, Pencil Drawing.

Lemmy, Motorhead

The epic end of Voldemort, when Harry Potter delivers powerful magic towards Voldemort. Prints available.

Harry Potter and Voldemort digital original drawing

'Sequestration' - Self Portrait.

Self Portrait

'Life Lines 001' one of a series of pencil drawing studies of older people.

Old Man Drawing

Ana - Overwatch character, Digital Drawing.

Ana, Overwatch

Digital Drawing of Rey from Star Wars. Available as a Print to buy.

Rey, Star Wars

Blade Runner 2049 Digital Artwork. Prints available.

Blade Runner Digial Art

Rhino, Pencil drawing.

Rhino, wildlife drawing picture art

'Roar', Lioness pencil drawing.

Lioness pencil drawing

'Life Lines 002' from the series of studies of older persons with characterful faces.

Old Man Pencil sketch

Leopard, pencil drawing.

Leopard pencil drawing sketch

Yoda pencil drawing. Produced as part of a challenge on 4th May.

Yoda pencil drawing

Pencil drawing produced with the aim to capture smooth baby skin tones.

Baby Pencil Drawing

Jared Leto, Large Pencil drawing.

Jared Leto pencil drawing art

Terry Pratchett Pencil Drawing.

Terry Pratchett

'Freckles' Pencil Drawing.

Girl Face drawing

Eye, close-up pencil drawing.

Eye close up pencil drawing

Elephant pencil drawing, A4 image size, Landscape format.

Elephant pencil drawing

Boba Fett Pencil Drawing

Boba Fett Pencil Drawing

'Life Lines 003' Old man face, pencil drawing. Large A3 sized drawing.

Old man face drawing

'Married Couple' a comissioned portrait. Large A3 sized that was shipped to New Zealand.

Commission portrait drawing